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Dock to Stock

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Suspension of acceptance inspections, or “Dock-to-Stock (DTS)”, is a common practice in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, biopharma, and medical device industries. Properly applied, a DTS strategy can improve operational responsiveness and provide considerable cost savings. The decision to suspend incoming inspections is not a trivial matter, and companies cannot simply “decide” to implement a DTS policy without considering the potential risks and how those risks may be mitigated. Suspension of inspection is predicated on the following assumptions:

1. The intrinsic risk to customers is already low.

2. Potential risk to the customer has been minimized by redundant and robust quality systems.

3. The extant quality history of the component and/or supplier demonstrates acceptable and consistent performance levels.

4. The cost benefit is positive.

The DTS status of a given component represents one point in the continuum of product acceptance activities.  


Supplier selection      >     100% inspection        >      Sampling plans        >        Dock-to-stock (DTS)


The current acceptance activities for any component may change as the quality history of that component evolves.

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