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I can’t give you the money, but…

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Aside from the obvious financial incentives, how can we reward our high performing team members and motivate out teams? Here is the answer: I can’t give you the money, but here’s what I can give you:

  • Experience (what you know) – As a leader in the organization, you’re in a unique position to give experiences to your team that they normally would not come across in their day to day routine. And everything they learn working with you becomes part of their own knowledge base. It becomes a skill they can market later on in their career.
  • Exposure (who you know) – You can put a teammate in a position to show their knowledge, expertise, and potential to a wide range of influencers and decision makers: senior management, customers, industry peers. You can introduce them to people that will make a difference in their career path. Left to their own devices they would probably find these people eventually; but you can accelerate the process.

Giving experience and giving exposure are two important ways to reward high-performing team members. Experience and exposure are marketable, salary history is not. Almost everything that matters in work is marketable (and also portable). And because they are marketable, they have greater value to the employee and the Manager than salary. Salary buys stuff, experience (what you know) and exposure (who you know) move careers.

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