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Journal Mining 1.0

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I was going through some old notes the other day and came across these minutes I took at a Customer Service Committee meeting about a year ago. I regularly mine though my old notebooks and journals, and am constantly amazed at the great content that I had forgotten. If you’re not mining your journals, you’re missing a great opportunity.

These customer service tips are no-brainers, but it’s great to see them again as a reminder. My personal favorites are points about effective listening and mastering the “positive no”.

Customer service committee meeting, 11/06/12:

• Effective listening skills are a competitive advantage.
• Responsiveness: call back, email back on the same day.
• Full voice-mail boxes = bad manners, poor communication.
• Start meetings on time, and come prepared for the meeting.
• Have an agenda.
• Invite in advance, no late notices.
• Manage (client/internal) expectations.
• Attend if you’re invited, or send a delegate.
• Get good at the “positive no”.
• How to effectively deliver bad news.
• Internal transparency and communication.
• Always deliver a high quality product, regardless of what the product is.

I’m sure you have something to add too. Please let me know your top customer service teaching points.

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