I’ve been working in the regulated healthcare industry since 1988. I’ve done biotech, medical devices, generic drugs, and contract solid dose manufacturing. I’ve held management positions in manufacturing, logistics, materials management, and quality assurance/regulatory affairs. As long as I can remember I’ve worked. As a kid, I was always knocking on doors looking for odd-jobs.

I used to wonder when I could say, “I’ve seen it all”, but every day seems to bring a new challenge, a new surprise, and a new learning.  I believe every job has a leadership component to it, and every person has something to contribute.

These are my leadership principles:

  1. Train your team to take your place. You cannot move up if you must spend all your time overseeing every aspect of your staff.
  2. Listen first/ Listen extravagantly, speak sparingly.
  3. Be visible – spend more time in the plant and less time in your office (see item #1). Show-up and participate – get involved with the clients, get involved with your peers in other departments, get to know their processes.
  4. Context is everything. Connect the dots. Understand non-intuitive relationships amongst disparate data sets.
  5. Signal vs. noise: know the difference.
  6. Always stay in a position of initiative. Take command where leadership is absent.
  7. Decide when you must, defer & divert when you can. Know the difference.
  8. Front line supervisors/staff are the key. They know more than you do.
  9. Pressure your sphere of influence. Expand the envelope
  10. Business runs on relationships. Respect everyone.
  11. Self-knowledge, self-improvement. Be a student of the game, figure it out
  12. You are responsible for the outcomes that you care about.
  13. Toss out worn concepts and practices ruthlessly.
  14. Fail forward faster.

These are my core values

1. Hard work and  results matter

2. Integrity. Don’t allow small compromises to erode your values

3. Respect & engagement. Everyone is carrying a heavy load. Body count > zero is cause for concern

4. Superior knowledge. Always study, learn new skills, dwell at the fringes of current thinking

5. Initiative. Make the decision

6. Ownership. Own the outcomes

7. Compete intensely and win (without compromising the other values)

8. Mentor/lead. Teach from the front.

9. Do not accept excuses – understand causes

10. Relentless prototyping, continuous renewal. Adopt early, abandon early


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